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Home AC Maintenance Checklist


Fall is in the air for most of the country, which means it's time to get your central air conditioner ready for another season.  Here are some everyday things most homeowners tend to forget when getting their AC system back in shape, followed by a helpful maintenance checklist.  Remember, it's always better to catch an issue early!

Your priority should be checking your filter. Clean or replace filters regularly to ensure clean airflow through your home.    

Once you have that taken care of, look at the visible ductwork inside and outside your home. Look for any abnormal buildup, rust spots, or water damage -- these are signs of potential problems down the.  
Also, consider looking into your outdoor compressor housing to see if there's any noticeable debris or corrosion. These are all signs that you should contact a professional contractor who can help repair any damage before the ac season starts again.


Here is our AC Maintenance Checklist for Fall:


Filter -  Be sure it is clean and well-maintained. If not, replace it with a new one; this will ensure that clean air flows through your home. Ductwork - Look for rust spots, strange buildups (mud/mold), water damage, and other irregularities in your ducts. If anything seems amiss, have a pro look at it to avoid potential problems later on.
Exterior Unit - Check the exterior unit of your central AC system to see if there is anything amiss: debris, corrosion, and overall appearance of the team. If any problems are found, get them taken care of before AC season starts up again.
Compressor - Check to make sure there is no buildup on the exterior housing of the compressor.
If you do not have a central AC system, these tips still apply. Just about every home or building with HVAC/Heating will benefit from regular maintenance at this time of year. Be sure to check these items regularly to stay comfortable all season long!



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