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Chris Wright
Always an excellent experience!
Annette Burke
Remember the good old days "when there was great customer service, and people cared about their job performance. A hand shake on their word was gold?" This is what you get with Scogin Aire. I called to have them look at the issues my AC was having. The owner "Michael" came out and went to great detail on the issues my 18 year old system was having. It was not cooling well and leaking freon along with a water drain line issue. He also showed me the electrical amp draws and how I can save money on my electric bill with a new energy efficient unit. I decided to go with a new energy efficient system that he recommended. Before I was scared to go into my unsafe dark attic and thanks to Michael and his crew; Oscar, Juan, Adalfo and Diego. My attic now has lighting and sturdy decking for accessibility and storage. They even went to great lengths to recommend re-hanging my restricted duct work that was just laying on the attic floor. They also noticed my clothes dryer vent that exhausted through my roof was loose and clogged. I had them clean and repaired it. You don't find companies any more that go out of their way to take care of their customers and clean up during and after work is completed. I highly recommend Scogin Aire if you are looking for 100% satisfaction guarantee on products and service.
Jarrod Callahan
My name is Dawn Callahan and I LOVE Scogin-Aire. These people treat you like you actually matter, unlike most companies I deal with. I can't say enough good things about them. Can you imagine needing ac/heat work and they actually come out when you call them?? They do it. These are the nicest most knowledgable people. From Richard Blackwell to Chelsea to our tech Anselmo. Thank you guys for taking such good care of us. Chelsea even called to check on me this morning. Who does that?? They do. Love them!!!!!
Mary Potter
We have used Scogin-Aire for many years and will continue using their services. They are prompt, polite and always do an excellent job. We have a maintenance agreement and they come out twice a year to keep our equipment running. I highly recommend them.
Michael Krumel
Michael came out and did a full review of my parent's house to replace furnace/AC. They were highly recommended and extremely professional & friendly. Due to some unforeseen contracts my family had, we had to use another company. I felt really bad we could not give Scogin-aire the job. However, next time they will be my first and only call. Highly recommended.!
Shane Wehunt
Located in Montgomery
I am new to the area and when I arrived Scogin-Aire was recommended by the previous owners. Since then, the team at Scogin-Aire has proven themselves time and time again. Their customer service is impeccable. --Shout out to Sharon for her amazing positive attitude and her southern hospitality-- The technicians are on time and on task, always with an explanation and a smile. Thanks to the team at Scogin-Aire for a job very well done.
Service: Preventive Maintenance
Dawn Kuhn
Always professional, on time and fairly priced. Won’t use anyone else!
John W Kirshy
Located in Spring, Texas
I have used Scogin aire for over ten years and they are a great family-based company. The owner Michael Scogin is an outstanding owner and technician. His techs are well equipped for anything. They are always right there for me. I use him exclusively.
Service: System Repair
John Barber
Julie Montgomery
Had a heating check performed before using heater for the year. They were on time, quick and professional.
Paul Begnaud
"The Little Things Matter". I would have to write a book to say all the little things that Michael and his crew did that really matters to me. From how to choose the right system and not go overboard to the workmanship of the installation. All the services were secured and relocated to prevent tripping hazards. The gas line was re-worked to be level and plumbed. They even installed an access point to clean out the condensate line. The little things added up and mattered to me.
Frances O
Located in Conroe
Scogin Aire is just awesome. The customer service is exceptional and technicians are very knowledgeable. Desperate for help with our AC unit Michael Scogin himself came out to our home within the hour we put in the call. This was an after hours call and he is such an amiable and experienced professional. He gave us a crash course on our AC unit and went above and beyond to even check out the entire unit. He detected the problem in a very short time. He is very humble and experienced professional, He has a great passion and understanding of the AC unit. I will use Scogin Aire again, I like what the stand for Truth, integrity, knowledge and exceptional customer service.
Service: System Repair
Drew Dylewski
Marion Nojek
Located in The Woodlnds
Oscar came at extremely short notice and repaired our A/C unit during the current very hot weather. He did a great job as usual, was extremely quick and courteous. We have used Scogin-Aire since 2007 and they have always been prompt and professional. Highly recommend Scogin-Aire. Wouldnt use anyone else.
Service: System Repair
Marshall McAlpine
Located in Magnolia
Scogin Aire has performed 3 jobs at 2 different homes for me over the past 2 years. I had been very disappointed in the services of other companies that I had previously employed. Decided to give Scogin Aire a try. From the very get-go they got the repairs done efficiently, professionally and economically. The technicians new their jobs very well and were prepared for any unexpected issues. Very experienced people. Having just finished a compressor/condenser and evaporator replacement - again, they did an outstanding job in the July heat. In my opinion Scogin is at the top of the food chain in the HVAC workspace in the Houston area. Don't hesitate to give them a call. Hey, just read the other reviews.
Service: System Repair
John Lujan
Michael and company were very personable and friendly and very professional. They took all necessary precautions to make my family feel safe as they worked in and around our home. Service was prompt and done at a very reasonable price. Thanks to Scogin-Aire for fixing our A/C ASAP on a hot July day. I would recommend to anyone.
Larry & Sherry Daspit
Located in Montgomery
Upstairs unit with newly-installed evaporation coil was giving error messages on thermostat. Scoggin technician Anselmo Navarro showed up 9 am Sunday morning. Cooperative effort with customer identified source of error messages (heat leak near thermostat from attic access door). Anselmo weather stripped door jamb with customer provided weather stripping. Top notch service on a day, at a time. when service is rare.
Service: System Repair
Larry & Sherry Daspit
Located in Montgomery
The evaporator coil in the upstairs unit finally wore out. Scoring technicians Oscar and Anselmo arrived exactly on time, removed the old unit, installed the new and recharged the system. Quick, clean, professional. Project manager Richard Blackwell kept us informed on all facets of the process from diagnosis, parts sourcing, scheduling. First class from start to finish.Larry & Sherry Daspit
Service: System Repair
Tim Akins
Larry & Sherry Daspit
Located in Montgomery
The builder-grade main AC unit gave up the ghost. Called Scogin Aire. Their team of technicians, Adolfo, Diego, Juan and Oscar showed up, did everything that needed to be done and then some. Prompt, professional, thorough, customer-friendly, left clean work area, reconfigured/reoriented unit to function more efficiently. Replaced duct work incorrectly installed with original unit. The project superintendent, Richard Blackwell, was easy to deal with and communicated technical details in easy to understand terms. Without hesitation we would recommend Scogin Aire for AC/Furnace repair and service.
Service: New System Installation
Equipe Jaguar Capoeira
Tdtobaben Tobaben
Great service. Very flexible when my schedule was hectic.
Jeff Nelson
Scogin Aire was absolutely fantastic I love this company owner Michael Scogin was great in explaining to me the concept of air flow how it is Distributed, through out the house, & how important it is for your house to breath ,Michael went into detail explaining just by adding an air return in each room & an additional air supply over the front door in the ceiling on the second floor would improve airflow Michael said to me that this is what he see’s everyday improper ventilation & air returns which results in hot spots I’am so pleased with the worked that Scogin air did to my home I did go with a Carrier performance 3 ton ,16 Seer 2 stage blower & 2 stage Compressor, & all new R8 duck work with an air ionizer that kills all the germs so wonderful in this day and age of Covid even put in an attic tent to Insure no heat escapes into the house from the attic also as an extra protection Michael suggested to add surge protectors on the outside of the power boxes to each unite to insure protection from any power spikes & I went even further & installed a hard start to my new A/C in case of low voltage , money well spend to protect your investment for the future APCO-X - Fresh-Aire UV The best part of the whole Scogin experience was Currently Michael’s crew a great bunch of highly experienced installers Juan was great he cut all the holes in the ceiling in each room & over the foyer. Clean so impressed how each return was boxed in so no air leaks attention to detail craftsmanship at the highest than there’s Diego so talented who created a piece of art in my attic he set up the furnace all the pipe work & hung the duck work off the ground & we have Adolfo who was fantastic by putting together the duck work boxing in the returns orchestrated the lay out & insured everything went smooth Adolfo even fixed my attic ladder that goes into the ceiling by tightening all the screws & adjusting the spring tension so it snaps right into place so cold air doesn’t escape into the attic Adolfo Also did a great job installing my attic tent an insulated barrier basically a zipper door attached to the attic stair frame Inside The attic than we have Alselmo the lead technician wow watching him work was most impressive the knowledge he brings to the team , Alsemo installed the condenser outside cut all the Cooper & soldered it all together, installed new power Quick disconnect boxes to the house for the outside units Alselmo also installed an ionizer in the upstairs blower that cleans the air from germs & installed my new Cor WiFi thermostat which can be controlled by an app on your phone he is truly a technical wizard amazing, how much talent is brought to the Scogin team & finally there’s Michael Scogin a true leader , it reflect’s on his employees, Michael is a regular guy , honest, caring , down to earth he eats lunch with the guys & treats everyone with the highest respect I saw that first hand during the install There are many choices out there to choose from when you are looking for an A/C repair company to fix something or even replace your whole A/C system like I did , I highly recommend Scogin Aire I can save you all your headaches by simple calling Michael . Thank you again Scogin Aire great job to everyone on the team Scogin-Aire Mechanical, Inc., Air Conditioner & Furnace Repair & Service | The Woodlands, TX 77384
Denis D
I had an awesome experience installing entire HVAC system with Scogin-Aire. The entire process was quick and easy - the pricing is competitive based on my extensive research.
Located in Magnolia
Anselmo did our Spring AC service inspection. He is very knowledgeable and always spends time answering all our questions and concerns. I had a concern about air flow to one our zones and he was able to satisfy my concern. Also while I was trying to show him something on the Thermostat I pushed the wrong button and could not return it to previous setting. Anselmo worked with it until he corrected it back to the previous settings. Thanks to him all is back to normal. I also want to say how much I appreciate all the technicians and Office Staff for all the service we receive. . And I also must say that Sharon is always so cheerful and easy to work with. Thanks too all !!!!!!
Service: Preventive Maintenance
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