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Spring TX


When you hear the word "Spring", what do you think of it? A suburb of Houston, Texas located about 30 minutes north of downtown. It's known for its unique population residing in its colorful homes decorated outside with vibrant flowers and having at least one lawn gnome (usually more.). According to legend, Spring was originally named "Punkintown" by a traveling salesman who exclaimed upon seeing the town "punkin' tawn!"

Most residents will tell you they moved to Spring because it is family-oriented, safe, and rich in community. Many have claimed it is the best place to raise children. One said he chose Spring over 20 other towns so that his daughter could grow up in a place where "she doesn't have to lock her door."

Most people know Spring from its notoriety as a shopping mecca where they can spend a whole day in the mall browsing hundreds of stores and boutiques in an air-conditioned environment. For this reason, it is also referred to as "The Gateway to the Galleria," one of Houston's premier shopping centers. The Galleria has been ranked in the top 10 shopping malls in America and even appeared on a list of the nation's most trafficked malls.

The town also has a popular cinema, La Movie Plus, that was opened in 2000 by its current owner Scott Gertner. The theater's original concept was to have drive-in-style screens on the roof, playing big blockbuster movies while the cars were parked in the parking lot. The idea was later scrapped in favor of popcorn and movies inside with comfortable seating, air conditioning, and surround sound speakers for optimum movie-watching pleasure.

But that's not all! Spring is also home to one of Houston's finest culinary institutions, Pappas Bar-B-Q. The restaurant was originally opened in 1966 by Gus Pappas after he moved to Texas from Louisiana and later sold to the current owners who are still family members today. Pappas Bar-B-Q has been recognized for its mouthwatering dishes all over the city, winning awards like "Best Brisket of Houston" in 2014 and 2013 by the Houston Chronicle reader's poll.

Spring is also home to many talented musicians of various genres. There have even been popular songs written about the town with lyrics like "If you want to live in Spring, come on down I'm gonna buy you a house and lot." This song was recorded by Roy Orbison in 1960.

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But most importantly, Spring is known for its good people and the home of a licensed HVAC specialist like Scogin-Aire Mechanical. When asked what the best thing is about living there, one resident said he couldn't narrow it down to just one thing. "The people are just good, honest, solid folks," he says. "You wake up in the morning and say 'I got to do another day,' but you go ahead and do it because you know there will be a help if you need it. Life is so simple here."


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