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Who Invented The Home Air Conditioner?

It was a hot summer evening, sometime back in 1927. A couple of brothers-in-law were sitting on the porch of their house, enjoying the cool breeze that was coming through the windows on that warm night. They then started discussing how they could keep their home cooler during this time of year without purchasing extra fans to circulate the air for them.

They decided to create a device that would produce cold air whenever possible so they wouldn't have to spend money buying an electric fan. Several months later, after some research and hard work, they finally came up with an idea for what is now known as The Home Air Conditioner!

These two brothers had accidentally created one of the most amazing inventions ever! What happened next is a story worth being told.

What Are The Names Of The People Responsible For The Home AC?

In 1928, two brothers-in-law from Ohio State,  Orville and Wilbur Wright, decided to create a product that would revolutionize the way people cooled down their homes without purchasing additional products like fans or air conditioning systems. After researching for several months, they came up with the idea of using an evaporator (which they found in a junkyard) with ammonia gas to make this possible.

They were able to achieve the cold temperatures required but had no way of controlling them. This led them to a path where they managed to fit their homemade cold air machine into their car's dashboard, creating the first car air conditioner!

With this invention, they could keep their house cool even while away on long road trips. They then started selling their device to households all over America for a low price of $250 (which was a huge amount back then). This is how The Home Air Conditioner came into existence on June 17th, 1928. 

This incredibly cheap yet effective innovation was on its way to becoming one of the most important inventions in history ever since it was created 90 years ago. Many people don't realize it, but you are using one of Orville and Wilbur's devices whenever you turn on your air conditioning or water heater!

How Air Conditioning Units Progressed After The Invention

The Home Air Conditioner has also had many different iterations over the years. Orville and Wilbur created the first iteration of this device, but over time, other people have tried to improve their initial design. Every new iteration has resulted in a more superb and cheaper product than the previous one!

Today there are many different models and types of Home Air Conditioners available for us to choose from. Some can reach temperatures as low as -25°C, while others use eco-friendly water instead of gas or even electricity! This is just an indication of how far we have come since Orville and Wilbur's invention 90 years ago!