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How Long Can An Air Conditioner Last Before Repair

The life expectancy of air conditioners varies. The life expectancy of an air conditioner is usually calculated based on its age, or a number of hours that it was used. Generally, an AC with a longer lifespan would have spare parts that are still available in the market today.

Air conditioners have different vintages depending on their model and brand. If you're wondering about how long an air conditioning unit can last before repair, read more on this article.


Choosing the Right Air Conditioning Unit Model And Brand

An air conditioning unit has better chances for longevity if it's made by a reputable manufacturer with quality control standards. Diesel engine manufacturers, for example, have production standards that guarantee durability and less downtime during the repair.

Compared to window units, split models are more durable because they have fewer moving parts. The unit does not protrude much, thus allowing it less contact with damages from the environment. Also, since there are no windows involved in the installation, it also makes future repairs easier. With these considerations in mind, the lifespan of an AC is expected to be higher compared to other brands and models.

The Importance Of AC Unit Size And Location

Since air conditioners have different capacities in terms of BTUs or tons, their life spans also vary accordingly. For example, if you have a 10-ton AC installed in your home when a 5-ton model would already suffice for your needs, the extra capacity will probably just mean increased electricity bills for you. The unit will consume more energy for the same results.

The bigger the air conditioning unit capacity installed, the faster it deteriorates because of the extra strain on its components. For example, a 20-ton AC has nearly 4 times more power compared to a 5-ton model. The number of parts also equals twice as much if you compare 10 tons to 5-ton models. Thus, with twice as many parts and four times more force exerted, an air conditioner with twice the capacity will definitely be used up faster than other models that are less powerful. This is evident in how often repairs are made even when they're still under warranty. There are just too many parts that break down before the warranty period ends.

Air conditioners that are installed in places with higher temperatures and humidity levels will more likely need repair. This is especially true if the AC unit has been used for many years without repair or servicing.

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AC Unit Lifespan

The AC's lifespan could be as low as 3-5 years, depending on its usage and maintenance record. If it doesn't get enough regular lubrication as well as tune-ups, there is a high chance that you may need to replace some parts within this short period of time. Although most ACs have a warranty that covers repairs for 5 years, replacement parts still come at a cost. Thus, AC repairs should be done before the warranty ends if possible.

For better longevity, the use of air conditioning units should also be prioritized when the weather is cool and when humidity levels are low. Installing an AC when it's either too cold or hot will just result in unnecessary energy consumption.

If you want your air conditioner to last longer, be sure to use only genuine spare parts and ask for professional help during the repairs. This will ensure proper fitting of all parts, thus preventing future problems with other parts in the long run. Also, take note that using cheap replacement brands can damage your unit even further since they may not fit perfectly into place like OEM (original equipment manufacturer) products do.