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What Air Conditioner Best For Your Home?

As you probably know from where I'm from, the weather is highly humid and hot. For this reason, if you do not have air conditioning in your home, it would be a terrible idea to live there. When my mother was younger, she used to live without air conditioning in her house. On some days during mid-summer, she could barely stand being at home because of the heat accumulated on her body when she spent too much time inside.

Sometimes even on cold days during winter or springtime, my mother would still turn the air conditioner for a while just so that it could cool down her body after long hours of work. As a result of working so hard outside and inside, our house has become a constantly warm place. As a result, our family members feel tired and dehydrated most of the time. It has been said to create optimal conditions in your living environment; you should invest in an air conditioner because it will improve both comfort and health.

Differ Air Purifiers For You To Choose From

One of the air purifiers I have encountered when reading up on this topic was the AC Infinity AXIAL 1230 Fan with Filter. This particular AC system works well at filtering out pollutants from inside homes and workplaces. The filter uses activated carbon which effectively traps harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and ammonia gas which can cause various respiratory diseases, including asthma and emphysema. When using this type of AC system, your body will be healthier and breathe more accessible over time because there will be no harmful chemicals around you.

Another air purifier I have come across is the Honeywell 50250-S True HEPA Air Purifier. This AC system uses activated carbon to filter out chemicals, dust particles and odors. Furthermore, it also features an ionizer that sends negative ions into the surrounding environment.

As a result, these ions increase static electricity in your home, which will help trap pollutants at their trail source. It has been said that this type of AC system can even improve lung conditions such as asthma. The reason for this is because, over time, your body will accumulate fewer toxins and therefore become healthier both inside and outside of your workplace or home.

As much as living with an AC system seems comfortable, there are some disadvantages to consider. One drawback is that it makes a lot of noise while running on high levels. This may include troublesome people who have sleeping problems, especially if the AC unit is in their bedroom. To fix this problem, you can mask the loud sounds with a white noise machine.

How Much Can You Afford In Electricity Bills?

Another thing you should consider is that the electricity bill will significantly increase after running an AC system for several months. This may not be a problem right now, but over time your accounts might end up piling up and causing more debt than what was initially expected. If this happens, you can cut back on how long you run your air conditioner during the weekdays by simply opening windows or doors instead of using your AC all day long. This will help reduce your future debt and keep you from going broke.

When trying to find out how much a final AC system will cost, it may be challenging to develop a definitive number. On average, if operating costs are not considered, a whole-house air purifier typically ranges between $15-180, depending on the brand or model. In addition, cooling units for inside bedrooms can range from around 70 dollars to 2,000 dollars, while smaller units for offices can vary from 100 dollars to 1,500 dollars.


In conclusion, when deciding whether to purchase an AC system or not, I would say do it because it improves comfort and health conditions within the home/workplace environment. However, if money is a concern, there are alternatives to purchasing an air conditioner, such as opening windows and doors while keeping the AC running.

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