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How To Know When A Home Air Conditioner Is Dying?

How do you know how your home's air-conditioning system is functioning if it doesn't operate the way it used to, no longer providing enough cooling or heating?

You can be assured of knowing by using some simple methods and observation. First, look at the thermometer dial and see whether there's any drop in temperature despite having on more layers of clothing than usual during the summer or winter seasons. Also, check for excess moisture inside your house that might include condensation on walls and windows.

You can then observe how long it takes until the A/C cools off your house after turning it on. Another sign that could tell you that something may be wrong is the sound it makes. For instance, if there are unfamiliar sounds of pumping or rattling coming from your air conditioner's unit, there may be something wrong with its compressor.

However, before you run to the nearest service center, make sure that you have done all these things first:

Checked the filters

Clean filters will allow for better airflow, thus allowing your A/C to cool more efficiently and faster than clogged ones. Not only that, but dirty filters also prevent your system from cleaning your indoor air as well as they should, leading to health problems.

So every month, check on them and clean them thoroughly using cold water and detergent solution so you can be assured of having a clean indoor environment at home.

Checked the settings

Make sure you're not setting your A/C to operate at a higher temperature than it should. This could be the reason why it's taking too long before it can cool your house or that you feel like there is more moisture inside your home despite regular air-conditioning usage.

Check out if you set the thermostat correctly, especially when the weather is hot and humid, so excessive cooling will not occur. If possible, adjust, lower or turn off some of your electronic devices, which consume a lot of electricity. They may cause unnecessary energy consumption for the longer operation time needed by your A/C unit.

Checked for leaks

Leaks are one of the most common causes that lead to inefficient cooling efficiency in A/C units. When leaks are gradually worsening, they can cause obstructions in the way of airflow, thus affecting its cooling system's efficiency.

Check for any signs of wet spots on your carpet or ceiling but do not quickly assume there is a leak before checking for more details. If you think something is wrong with your unit regarding leakage, call for professional help immediately so they can fix the problem and prevent damage to your home.

Your air conditioner is one crucial appliance at home that keeps the indoor environment comfortable yet safe for living. By knowing some simple facts like when exactly it needs servicing, how often filters should be replaced, etc., you will be able to maximize its full functionality and extend its life span while protecting your health at the same time.

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